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J-1B Don Quixote Specifications
    Wingspan: 24 ft 7.25in
    Wing Chord: 3 ft 3 in
    Length: 16 ft 4.75 in
    Height: 4 ft 5.75 in
    Empty Weight: 286 lbs
    Maximum Weight: 551 lbs
    Maximum Speed, Level Flight: 103 mph
    Cruise speed: 75 mph
    Stall speed: 41 mph
    Take-off Run: 328 ft
    Landing Roll: 164 ft
    Fuel Capacity: 4.4 Imp gallons
    Nominal Range: 248 miles

Check this link to see the J1B flying.

Variously known as "Przasnicza", "Don Kichot", or "Don Quixote", the J-1 was designed by Jaroslaw Janowski in 1967. It featured a single seat enclosed cockpit, conventional (taildragger) landing gear, and a pusher prop configuration. Wings were shoulder mounted and strut-braced, with a 13% thick Clark "Y" airfoil and no flaps.

With the help of Witold Kalita, the prototype was constructed in Poland and first flown on July 30, 1970. It weighed 286 lbs empty, and was constructed mostly of wood with a steel tube frame and fabric covering. Wings were constructed with one-piece ribs and a plywood covered leading edge "D-section". Power was provided by a two cylinder 23 hp "Saturn 500B" engine which was also designed by Janowski and constructed by S. Polawski.

The easy availability of the VW engine in the West prompted Janowski to redesign the structure to support added weight and power. The wing span was slightly reduced and the steel tube frame eliminated at this time. The resulting configuration was designated the J-1B and could be constructed in either wood or composite (foam & glass) versions.
Note:The J-1B was initially designed in the early 1950s. This plan-set is presented for educational value only and does not convey a serial-number authorization to construct an aircraft. Should you decide to construct the aircraft you must obtain the hard-copy plans from any of the several distributors of such, in order to obtain serial-number authorization and access to kits, supplies, and support for your project!

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